Well-woman visits

What is a “well-woman visit?”

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It’s a free, once-a-year check-up of your health, just for women. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, if you have insurance, your well-woman visit and lots of other preventive health services are free to you. “Preventive care” is regular health care intended to keep you healthy and avoid disease.

Even if you are not due for a Pap test or mammogram, you should get your free “well-woman visit” every year.

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Special Note: When you are done with a well-woman visit or any other preventive visit, you should NOT be charged a co-pay. If you are asked to pay, tell the receptionist that you had a “preventive” visit.


What happens at a well-woman visit?

  • You and your doctor will talk about your health history and how your lifestyle may affect your health.
  • Your doctor will examine you and do screening tests to see if you have health conditions that need to be treated. She or he will also give you any vaccines you need.
  • You and your doctor will talk and set goals for your health.
  • What happens during your well-woman visit may depend on your age, your health conditions and how long it has been since you had your last check-up.

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