graphic symbolizing step one

Learn how to use your insurance card.

Take out the health insurance card that came in the mail. Always keep it with you.


This is just an  example. Your  card may look  different.

graphic of example insurance card showing the front and back

You will need to show your insurance card when you go to:

  • the doctor’s office
  • a lab for a medical test 
  • a drug store or pharmacy to get your prescription  filled
  • a hospital 

Learn the exact name of your insurance plan, such as Health America Silver. Then, if you ever forget your insurance card, the health service provider you are seeing can call your insurance company and get your information. 

graphic of a cell phone

Take a moment to make a copy of the front and back your card or take pictures of it with your phone. If you lose your card, call the member services number and ask them to send you a new one.