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Cost 2: Deductible


Each year, before your health plan starts paying, you have to pay for health services that are NOT preventive until you reach a certain dollar amount.

Graphic   DEDUCTIBLE:   Each year,   before your health plan pays for any health services you get, you have to pay for those services until you reach a certain dollar amount.   This amount is called your deductible.

This kind of cost is called a deductible. The kinds of health services that count towards your deductible could be doctor visits, laboratory tests, prescription medicines or a visit to the emergency room. 

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Do you have a deductible in your health plan? If you don’t know, call the member services line for your health plan. The number is on your insurance card. 

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EXAMPLE: Sonya’s health plan comes with a $1,000 deductible. This means she must pay for most health services she needs until she has paid $1,000. After she has paid $1,000, the plan starts paying most of the cost for her health services for the rest of that year.

But, remember: You don’t have to pay anything extra for preventive services. There is no co-pay or deductible for preventive care. In some plans, there also is no deductible payment for certain other services like visits to your primary care doctor.