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Make an appointment to see your new primary care provider right away.

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It’s best to visit your new doctor before you get sick.

You will get to know the doctor and the doctor will get to know you. It takes time. 

Call and make an appointment. Explain that you are a new patient. It may take several weeks before you can get an appointment for that first visit to your doctor. Some states require the doctor to see you sooner. 

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Avoid surprises. When you call for your appointment, first check that they take your health insurance. Read the full name of your health plan off the card. If you got it through the Marketplace, say so. If they say they do not take your insurance, call your health plan member services phone number for help. Remember, that phone number is on your insurance card. 

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Tip: Ask for your first visit to be your yearly “well-woman visit,” so you will not have to pay a co-pay or deductible. We explain what a well-woman visit is on this page. See more about what costs to expect, on this page.